Love it or not, the United States economy has become more globalized by developments such as NAFTA and new trade treaties worldwide.  As a result, a fast growing numbers of persons have entered the U.S. from foreign countries to work in our numerous industries.  Therefore, the probability is high that your company has dealt with or will be confronted with complex immigration-related issues.

Immigration law, as it relates to the employment sector, is complex, technical, highly political and rapidly changing.  Management must necessarily do all it can to insulate the company from liability under the immigration laws. Yet, the courts and the various agencies who have a hand in regulating workplace immigration provide employers only with scant guidance in negotiating the complexities of immigration laws, rules and regulations which affect U.S. workplaces.

The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of the various laws for managers who may have to deal with immigration issues, and up to date analysis of emerging trends.  My goal is to simplify, synthesize and organize basic concepts which a U.S. employer should understand in order to identify and deal with immigration issues.  You will not become an immigration expert (nor should you want to become one).  However, you will have at least a working knowledge so that you know how to ask the right questions and be able to recognize an issue before it becomes a problem. 

This website is not to be considered, or used, as a substitute for legal advice.  As the area immigration law is highly technical, specific factual situations and issues should be addressed by competent legal counsel.   Hopefully, with the information provided herein, you will conversant in immigration law to the extent that you will be able to recognize issues and explore resolutions with legal counsel.

Please visit this page  for definitions of terms used frequently in immigration matters.

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