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Companies in Arizona May Have Business Licenses Revoked for Hiring Unauthorized Aliens

Chamber of Commerce of United States v. Whiting (SCOTUS 5/26/2011) Since January 1, 2008, all employers in Arizona have been required to use the E-Verify system to check the employment eligibility of new employees. E-Verify is a federal electronic database program whereby an employer may check the immigration status of a job candidate electronically. The […]

BIA Accepts More Reasonable Method of Establishing Nationality for American Corporations

Matter of Chawathe (BIA  2010) Because the issued involved in citizenship cases are so straightforward, they rarely get appealed.  When it does happen, however, the lessons which emerge can be useful.  Matter of Cahwathe involved an employee of ChevronTexaco who had applied for naturalization.  In order to qualify for naturalization, he must establish, among other […]

Ninth Circuit Clarifies Eligibility for “Grandfathering” of 245(i) Benefits for Spouses

Landin-Molina v. Holder (9th Cir. 2009) Before 1952, the general rule in immigration law was that one had to be outside the United States in order to be eligible to receive an immigration visa.  American embassies and consular offices in foreign countries issued such visas, which permitted the recipient to enter the U.S. and live […]

USCIS Unveils New Website Design

On Tuesday, DHS Secretary Napolitano unveiled a redesigned USCIS website.  I think the site does look better and is easier to navigate.  The changes are not just cosmetic, though, because the site now includes tools and apps which allows you to track the status of your citizenship application, update your immigration records, and access forms.  There is also a Spanish language version of the site.  One […]

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws May Not Protect Undocument Workers

Iweala v. Operation Technologies Services, Inc. (D.C. District Court, 2009) This case would be a run of the mill discrimination case except for the fact that it may have significant implications for employees who do not have work authorization.  The case also signals a brewing rift between the different federal appellate circuits regarding the issue […]

Requirement for Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify Passes Legal Challenge

Chamber of Commerce of the United States v. Napolitano This was not unexpected, but the government won a significant victory in its decision to require that federal contractors use E-Verify. Since January 2009, pursuant to an executive order from President Bush, all contractors holding over $100,000 in federal contracts must use E-Verify to check the […]

Employer Not Responsible for Visa Fees and Recruiting Expenses for H-2B Workers

Castellanos-Contreras v. Decatur Hotels (5th Cir. 2009)  This case illustrates the increasing complexity and frequency of the interplay between immigration law and labor law, two seemingly disparate legal bodies.  It involves a group of H-2B guest workers and an employer who hired the guest workers due to a labor shortage caused by Hurricane Katrina.  The […]

Immigration Opportunities for Non-Minister Religious Workers Ending Soon

U.S. immigration laws allow persons involved with certain religious occupations to apply for permanent resident status.  To qualify as a religious worker, you don’t actually have to be a priest or minister, as INA § 101(a)(27)(C)(ii)(II) and (III) permit religious workers who are non ministers to apply for immigration benefits  (e.g., a church music director may qualify as a non-minister […]

More H-2B Visas Available for 2009

USCIS announced today that they are reopening the H-2B filing period for the 2009 fiscal year due to the availability of 25,000 unused visas in this category.  If you’re looking to hire temporary (seasonal) nonagricultural workers for the 2009 fiscal year, this is a good opportunity.  The deadline to take advantage of 2009 H-2B program is October 1, 2009.

ICE Steps Up Audit Program

On July 1 this year, ICE  issued over 650 I-9 audit notices to various companies.  This is more than the total number of audit notices ICE issued in all of 2008.  It’s part of ICE’s overall strategy of targeting employers for immigration enforcement.  ICE seems to be addressing a much criticized aspect of its enforcement strategy–that it doesn’t do […]

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