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Immigration Judge Finds ISAP is a Form of Custody

 In the Matter of –(3/6/2009) I discovered this case recently while researching some issues pertaining to ISAP.  It’s not available to the public because it has not been published.   The decision was written by an immigration judge in Florida, so it has no real precedential authority, but its legal discussion is valuable nonetheless because it […]


I get quite a few questions about the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (“ISAP”), particularly when the person is requested to wear an ankle GPS device. Here are my observations so far: If you want to have the ankle device removed, you must file a formal request with an immigration judge right away, as in TODAY. Normally, […]

An Immigration Judge May Release Petitioner from Having to Wear a GPS Ankle Device

Matter of Garcia-Garcia (B.I.A.) In this case, the BIA affirmed that an immigration judge has the authority to change the release from custody status of a person in removal proceedings.  Since last year, ICE has been quietly enrolling persons in removal proceedings in its Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (“ISAP”).  Basically, the program is a way […]

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